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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Small Pleasures

So both my beloved sewing machines were packed away for a month.

During that time we have been emptying the house by the boatload, Freecycling and carting off to Goodwill furniture, toys, clothes, old computers, etc., in an effort to make our house look roomy and perfect despite the fact that we still live here. All in the service of getting the best price on this end so we end up with a lovely home with a great studio space in Kingsport or Johnson City, TN, where we will move at the end of June.

Well, let me tell you, a month is a very long time, and I was in serious sewing withdrawal. Such serious withdrawal that very simple things I generally despise, like mending my youngest's fabric headband and pants and my oldest's favorite skirt, gave me a fix. And making one of the two Round Robin projects currently on my plate nearly sent me into raptures.

There is something intensely liberating about having the sewing machine up. Available is nice, but up means at any moment I could sit down and take off. The potential is so great. And it seems my brain is hard-wired to that availability. With the sewing machine in its case and the table put away I was totally focused on the practical and the mundane and was feeling very disconnected from my creativity. But since putting my machine back up (even though I've had very little time to use it) I am awash with ideas, with possibilities that need to be reality.


I even started what I hope will be a new series of small quilts called "Words to Live By." I began with a wonderful photo of my friend Anoushka and created an abstract image:

When it is done this will be entitled "Insight Joy."

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