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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unproductive productivity

Had a busy week with the kids although it was hectic at home. Spent a day in beautiful Northampton, MA (above is the view of the back of the main drag--I think it's even more interesting than the building fronts), did an architecture program at Wistariahurst in Holyoke, had a sleepover with three extra kids (amid newly painted walls and an impassable kitchen) that included the new Spiderwick movie (which was quite well-done, although, as one of our young critics said, "They got everything wrong!), a blizzard, and games with friends (I highly recommend Lost Cities if you like a good, quick--less than 1/2 an hour--two-person game).

Poor kids--they had a lot of fun but too little sleep. Combined with the chaos in our house that really brought home the reality of the move for them. They've been a little fragile this weekend, but looks like they're on their way back up. Catching up on sleep was the best medicine, along with lots of hugs and talking.

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