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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ah, the joys of compartmentalization

Went away for a lovely, relaxing weekend of good friends, good fun, good food, and good (at least on their part) conversation with our friends (and tons of snow--just look at it all!) last weekend. There was yoga and strong coffee, loads of fun kids, calm music, sanctioned coloring on the walls, a new (to us) game called Niagara, and a recently un-snowed hot tub. There was also a gorgeous full moon making fascinating shadows and the warm glow of kitchen windows on the snow (below).

Everything was great--so great I literally forgot all about the rest of my life currently, which is, I suppose, what a really great vacation does for you. When I say "forgot," however, I really mean forgot. Like it didn't even cross my mind until I was getting out of the car that the next morning four guys were arriving to paint all the trim as well as the dining room, the kitchen, the hall and the bathroom ceiling. OY! I almost turned right around to drive the three hours back to our friends'!

Instead Bob steadied me and we raised all sorts of dust and used all sorts of muscles moving furniture to the middle of rooms, clearing off surfaces, packing up boxes, etc., so that when the guys arrived we could turn over the house to paint and mayhem, capped off on Tuesday by the guys, who were highly competent in every other way, leaving the refrigerator unplugged.

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