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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Plan Derailed

Isn't it wonderful?

Sometimes the things we trip over are just what we've been looking for, an opportunity we've been invited to recognize.

I've been dyeing my own fabric for several years now and I love it. Even fairly simple mottled patterns are just yummy:


There are only a few problems:
1. Sometimes I want a piece with a larger or smaller repeat than I got with the original.
2. Sometimes I want yardage, but more fabric/layers seriously affects the way the dye works on the fabric, so some patterns just aren't possible as yardage.
3. I'd love to sell the same piece over and over again--the most wonderful pieces are gobbled up--either by me or by a customer--pretty quickly . . . and then what?

I may have found the answer and have spent an hour this morning learning how to do this:

(Manipulated photo, a doubled, merged version of
the medium-resolution image of my hand-dye. )

Rather than taking care of this:

That's O.K., though, because this:

Will still be there this afternoon.

Anyhow, this little bump in my schedule was prompted by my finding a link to when I was peeking at They're in the beta phase of development right now so you can't sell your designs from their site yet, but hopefully that will come in the future.

I've asked some other fiber art folks about Spoonflower and have only heard good things, so . . .

My hope is that once they are out of their beta-testing mode I will be able to upload images for yardage that anyone could buy. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy using them myself--this is just the beginning of some good, clean fun!

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