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Monday, January 5, 2009

Great Friends Do Great Things

I am constantly inspired by my friends: some are writing novels, one is becoming a mover and shaker in the DE classical music scene, several are homeschooling with wild success and abandon, and quite a few are making entrepreneurial and artistic successes of themselves. And so many friends have overcome illness, difficulty, or tragedy in their lives with grace, courage, and hope that I profoundly respect and aspire to.

Well, most of those great things are personal and special and I feel honored to be allowed into that intimate space. However, here's something I've been asked to share, so I will with a glad heart and busy hands.

My friend Lynda recently began the blog Knitting for Change. She welcomes all who are interested to participate in this project. Check it out to see what she has to say.

Some of us change the world in big ways, but all of us can change the world with quiet acts of kindness and small gifts of time.

So the next time you're sitting around wondering what to do or looking for a way NOT to feel guilty for spending the evening in front of the T.V., knit (or in my case, crochet) a hat, mittens, scarf, or even a sweater to pass on, and let Lynda know. Then we will see how powerful one small act can be--Together we can knit (and crochet) some serious change.

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