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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Earth from Space

The Kingsport Public Library currently is showing the Smithsonian's Earth from Space exhibit. The exhibit is divided into several sections and several satellites provided the source imagery. I was a chaperone on my daughter's class trip to see the exhibit last week and my good deed was rewarded 10-fold by the oh-so-inspiring images. I was at a loss re: what to create for my 18" x 18" Surface Matters exhibit piece (opening in conjunction with the Surface Design Association's biennial conference). Now, not so much.

Anyhow, the on-line exhibit is great, but if you have a chance to see the exhibit in person please do. The images are quite large and vivid, the information provided about what you're seeing is interesting, and, unlike with the on-line exhibit, you can get right up close and personal. In addition, some of the images were dual images but you can see only one of them on-line. You can zoom in the on-line exhibit, but you can't see the entire enlarged image at once. So cool!

Anyhow, I promise pictures in my next post--all these text posts are a little dull, no?

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