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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Oh, the joy!

So here's the dancing part of "Dancing Threads"

Last night we went to Balkan Music Night in Concord, MA, and it was amazing! We crept through driving rain for two hours to get there and it was well worth it. First was the concert.

Divi Zheni (Wild Women), an American-based Bulgarian chorus/band conducted by Tatiana Sarbinska. Very theatrical in their presentation.

Hye Fusion, a brilliant American-born trio comprising Malcolm Barsamian (clarinet), Brad Perch (oud), and Charles Dermenjian (darbuka) who played amazing Turkish classical and folk music. All three were consummate musicians.

Baščaršija, a fun Boston-based group that sang Bosnian torch songs with great attitude and style.

Turli Tava, creating down-home Macedonian dance music of the best sort, musical soul food like the stew from which they take their name. Walt "Vlado" Mahovlich, Sašo Dukovski, and Seido Salifoski were great, and the accordian player/vocalist had a beautiful voice.

Then came the dance party to end all dance parties (except for the Zlatne Uste party in NYC, I suppose). One fabulous band after another in both the main dance hall and the kefana.

Speaking of ZU, here they are in the middle of it all, Balkan brass blasting away.

It was a total crush of concentric (sometimes eccentric) circles, loud, excellent music in the semidark (hence the questionable quality of the photos), and a wonderful variety of great food (that almost kept up with demand).

My youngest was pooped when we got there (only half an hour before bedtime) but couldn't help but dance whenever we were in the dance hall. We left long before the 2:30 a.m. closing because we had tired kids and a long drive home, but I am so glad we made a point of taking this last opportunity to go--feeds the soul!


margaret said...

Sounds wonderful - though I'm not a singer (at all!), I once had the chance to try some "Balkan harmony" and it was fabulous, such an exciting and satisfying experience.

Cindi said...

I love the way Balkan singing sort of reverberates inside you. Shape note singing is similarly rich and has a lot of close harmonies. If you have a chance try it out sometime--anyone who enjoys singing is a singer in my book!