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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Felting is Fun!

Today was day one of a great two-day workshop called "Modular Felted Art" by Sharon Parker held at New England Felting Supply. It was very freeing, from making geodes and jelly rolls (cutting them up is like opening a present) to creating the background for our work. Sharon reminded us that masterpieces aren't created in a day, so we all relaxed and enjoyed the process rather than obsessing (much) about the product.

Anyhow, enough words--here are some pictures.

Sliced geode

Composition layout

After felting

Playing with applied elements after felting

And that was just day one. Tomorrow its a whole new piece plus finishing techniques. Fun, fun, fun!


astroiguana said...

Wow Cindi!! I *love* the geodes and the composition. In fact, all of this felt stuff is a well kept secret. How come I haven't seen it at show and tell???

Cindi said...

Haven't been at RR since I made them! (But I'll bring them this month.)