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Monday, March 24, 2008

Next Step From Felt Workshop

Sharon Parker was a generous instructor and a delight to spend the weekend with. She hails from North Carolina so gave me some pointers to fun fiber and art destinations in the TN/NC area, too.

Anyhow, my piece felt a little (a lot) frenetic--think it has something to do with my current state of mind. Instead of throwing my hands up in despair, thought, I added more. It's still a work in progress, but I'm glad I ventured beyond my comfort zone. As my mother always says, it'll build my character.
My lovely variegated roving (mixed from three different colors).
LOVE Sharon's drum carder, and since felt seems to be a new, intrinsic part of my art I think I'll have to invest in one. Hers was an old Cleres & Cleres, which are no longer being produced, but I think I'll look for a used one, so that's all right.

The felt I made from my lovely variegated roving.

The flames I made from the felt I made from my beautiful variegated roving.

Have become resigned to the fact that until I'm at the SAQA/SDA conference in Philly (early April) I'll have very little time for anything creative. But at least I'll have the conference to give me a hit. Packing and cleaning (and, apparently, Lyme Disease) have taken over my life!

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