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Friday, March 28, 2008

Belle (or Dingbat) of the Ball

I am going to the SAQA/SDA conference in Philadelphia next week and am staying to take a workshop with Jan Myers Newbury (yippee!).

I wanted something cool to wear to the Fri. night reception but have pared down my plans from dyeing a weekend's worth of clothes (as if!) to wearing a simple shift dress and inventing a shawl/jacket garment (barely) constructed of 3 yards of hand-dyed silk and wool roving to go with it.

I did one nuno cuff yesterday (around the oldest's clarinet lesson, dinner, the library, and rescuing Bob and the youngest who were stranded with a dead battery--good thing felt waits!)--and it worked! (Thanks for the advice, Chris!)

Nuno cuff, felt side--I'll have to work on getting my coverage a little more uniform.
Hard to do when I use so little roving!

Nuno cuff, silk side--LOVE that texture!

It's my first nuno, so I went through all the stages: Is this really enough wool to do anything? How do I know when it's time to start fulling? Is this going to be a giant hole? Will it ever begin to crinkle? Is it done? I almost stopped too early, but remembered Chris White's advice that it's not completely fulled if it's still easy to stretch it, so kept going and all of a sudden--MAGIC. What began as a ~44" width of fabric is now about 17" wide.

I'm lucky enough to be able to get personal advice from Chris, but her recent book, Uniquely Felt, is a fabulous reference that I will treasure when I move and is helpful even with Chris so nearby.

One more cuff and a few stitches and I'm all set. Either that or my garment will be really avant guard and assymetrical and I'll be the belle of the ball (or maybe the dingbat--we'll have to see how it turns out). I'll post a picture if I can stand it.

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