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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Homemade Artist Retreat—Last Thoughts

You don’t have to pay someone else to be inspired. Your artistic friends have a lot to offer and chilling with a new medium can clear out the cobwebs. And, frankly, intense quality time with a friend might be hard to maintain for weeks on end, but three days was wonderful and challenging and really engaging and well worth making time for. All you have to do is say,

20 gelli prints, 4 art journal pages, most of a little Moleskine notebook, a pendant, and a scarf. That’s quite a bounty, but luckily it packed up nice and small for the train trip home.

This is how it all began:

Lynda's fabulous journal pages about the night we began planning.
This is how it went:

Overall impressions:

Thanks for a wonderful two-way journey of art, self-examination, compassion, and good food, Lynda. You are a ray of sunshine, a smart cookie, a connoisseur, and a great friend and I am renewed, inspired, and ready to go for it, whatever “it” is! You rock!

For more, check out Lynda's blog post--just like our art, different things struck each of us.


Lynda Shoup said...

Oh, but you've given me so many more thoughts! Yes! There is so much we can learn from each other. This retreat was years in the making - it started as dreaming of taking a weekend trip and morphed into so much more. You are right on track - the key point is saying YES! It took me a long time to clear my life so I could say YES!

It was interesting how deeply the good food played into the creative process. The meals gave us the time to think, to share thoughts, to sit quietly (for a few minutes at a stretch), and let our process percolate.

Thanks for the great words of affirmation. You, my friend, have always been a shining light, a beacon of compassion and the source of much happiness around you. You are an inspiration through your art and your personhood.

Thanks for being here.

Cindi said...

It was really amazing how feeding ourselves in different ways (fellowship, food) really helped the creative process. I'm sure time away, even though it was brief, helped, too. It was useful to see how little time away I really needed to get a second creative wind--I know I can work faster than I thought now!