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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things keep moving forward--even when I don't post!

Sorry for the long absence--we had some lovely company from far away, and I've been working away both on quilts and the prospectus/planning for the art show I'm chairing this summer. As soon as I make one I'll post a PDF of the prospectus for anyone who lives around here.

One piece of good news--my article "Paint with Wool, Sculpt with Stitch" appeared in the April/May issue of Interweave's Quilting Arts magazine.

It's a beautiful issue (as you can see from the front cover alone) and I'm thrilled to have been invited to contribute.

Went to a quilting retreat last weekend--three full days of productivity without cooking, phone calls, appointments, or any other responsibilities. Made good progress on a number of projects and decided I need a couple of weekends like that a month!
Although it's a traditional-ish pattern (I'm calling it a half pineapple), my fabric choices are not. I have used a lovely line of calicoes, but also an oriental and a Marimekko wannabe. I'm also working on creating a bolder and more asymmetrical secondary design than is generally typical. Was going to make it for our bed (still haven't made a quilt for it--the cobbler's children and all that) but DH really doesn't like the green (although I love it), so this'll go up for sale whenever I finish it. The good news? It needn't be king-sized if it's not going on our bed, so I don't have to make as many blocks. WOOT!! WOOT!!

Finally putting together a quilt with my original "Lean-to" block. I will have a pattern (with or without paper foundations) available for this by the end of the year--let me know if you're interested. This small version is predominated by color (obviously). I'm working on a larger version in which the black and white fabrics predominate.

I also continue to work away on Sharon's commission (all handwork), but no peeks until it's done. :-)