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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finished Product

Here it is, the final product--"After the Storm II." Color slightly off but close--good enough until I can get a professional photo taken.

You can see the nuno felted trees and bushes and a little of the very dimensional quilted field here. The green field in the background is nubby raw silk, and the background trees are composed of a variety of cotton and silk fabrics.

If your guild is interested in learning any of these techniques, just contact me. I love to share the joy!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Extreme Quilting

Well, my solo exhibit, Cindi Huss: Extreme Quilting, is up at the Kingsport (TN) city hall. Yea! Here's a tour:

Main wall with "After the Storm II," sign about my work (with an image of "Wending Onward" which is currently at the Belger Arts Center in KC, MO), and "Contemplating Madness."

Smaller works wall with "Night Life," "After the Storm," "Labyrinth," "Molehill," and "Mapping the Subconscious Mind."

Wall of studies with "Labyrinth II Study" (photography), "After the Storm II Study" (watercolor pencil), "Stone Wall Study" (acrylic and quilting), and "Ralli/Shisha Study" (for a commission in progress, embroidery and quilting).

The process wall, which has some touchable samples of hand dyeing, needle felting, and extreme quilting.

Up Against the Wall Gallery framed "Contemplating Madness" and "After the Storm II" and did a variety of other things to help me prepare for this show. Just have to say that they were great to work with. Frequently I left the store with a smile after having entered in a tizzy. Everyone there was kind and patient with my sleep-deprived, highly caffeinated self.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

American Quilter Magazine

Just got my contributor's copy of the September 2009 issue of American Quilter and my article "Auditioning Your Quilt Design" (page 62) looks great! In the article I explain two methods for auditioning the quilting design on paper before you commit to needle and thread.

Another tip for folks who might still feel a little nervous about committing to needle and thread: Do the first bit of your quilting with water-soluble thread (no, I did not get paid to add this link--Superior Threads is just great to work with).
  • If you like it, go over it with regular thread then dissolve the water-soluble thread.

  • If you don't like it, dissolve the water soluble thread, dry the quilt overnight, and try again in the morning.
Either way, it all comes out in the wash--literally!

This avoids tedious ripping and gives you the freedom to experiment with something new and perhaps unusual for you.