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Friday, October 31, 2008

Snow in Tennessee, and VOTE

Well, after a month of company and a computer break-down I'm back in the saddle again--again. I'm looking forward to posting all the things that have been running around in my head for the last month and a half, but for now I will share this:

It's not yet Hallowe'en and we had three days of intermittent snow flurries. In Tennessee. What's the deal?! I thought about taking pictures but if you blink--or push the button at the wrong time--you miss the flakes, so . . .

Anyhow, nice of Tennessee to make us feel so at home--we'd been wondering about a winter without appreciable snow after the whopper of a winter we had this past year in Massachusetts.

My last word: VOTE.

If you're in the States, get out there and make your voice heard tomorrow, whatever your preferences. We are endowed with some truly wonderful rights by being citizens of the U.S., but we have some truly solemn responsibilities as well, and voting is right up there at the top of the list.

If you're still undecided and want to find out what among the candidates' claims are true, check out, a nonprofit, nonpartisan fact checking service. It's enlightening.

And if you don't vote, don't whine.