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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Working with Kids Rocks!

I recently finished a 10-week stint as an artist in residence at the P.E. Bowe Elementary School in Chicopee, MA. The school paid, with a grant from the state, for enrichment specialists at each grade level as part of their extended-day program. It was fun to create ways to tie our projects in to the curriculum, and I think we all, from kids to teachers to aides, had a fabulous experience.

Some of my favorite moments were watching kids who seemed to lack confidence in themselves really get excited and feel empowered about quilting. And they should. These kids really rose to the occasion, making me feel welcome and challenging themselves and each other. They were amazing, and the teachers were great and very accommodating--I couldn't have done it without them.

I have to give props to Francesca denHartog and Valley Fabrics in Northampton, MA (three free bags of fabric and a generous discount on class supplies), the fabulous members of my Round Robin (great fabric), the Hands Across the Valley Quilters Guild ($150 in grants through their "Kids and Quilting" program), and my local Freecycle group (more free fabric).

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