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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Teaching for the Guild

Last Friday I taught one of the member workshops for my guild. This was a pilot for a one-day version of my two-day "Sculpting with the Quilting Stitch" workshop. Three very different workshops were going on at once and we all visited one another. Our workshop got rave reviews from our visitors and a lot of interest, so stay tuned for upcoming dates!

These are a couple examples of the effects we work for--creating three or more layers of depth using the quilting stitch alone.

My students were enthusiastic and worked hard all day long. Here are Carol, who had never done free-motion quilting before the workshop (way to jump in with both feet!) and Sally (who took what I taught and ran with it). Unfortunately my other people photos were blurry--the lighting was a little problematic for photos in our room.

And here are a couple of class samples--an early exercise by Debbi and a later exercise by Sally:

You guys were amazing!

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