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Friday, September 4, 2009

Early Morning Treat

Well, about 6:30 this morning my youngest bounced on the bed with a birthday gift. This showed a lot of restraint, as the various stages of creation (choosing, making, admiring, and wrapping) had finished only last evening. With light-dazzled eyes I slowly unwrapped the gift (slowly because we use funny pages for wrapping paper and kept pointing out to each other the particular ones we had enjoyed).

Inside the first layer of paper . . . was a second, followed by a hand-made box with lipstick lips labeled "My forever kisses for you" Inside it all was this little darling! Isn't she adorable?!

Now she's hanging on a little 4" wall near my sewing machine, my private little treat. And had to give her some bubbles, too. Can't wait for my youngest to see this after school--my gift right back!


Gerrie said...

Love it!!

Oldpatterns said...

Happy BIrthday - I miss you!