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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Christmas in September

Just received a yummy batch of wool from New England Felting Supply. Mmmmmmmmmmm ....... eye candy ....... lovely ....... soft .......decadent!

And more is less with their new (and still limited) wholesale program. 26 colors of Norwegian C-1 batts are discounted $12/pound with a minimum total order of $250 and a retail certificate. Not bad!

I've felt (no pun intended) a little distant from my studio for the past month as I rushed to catch up on all the things I neglected in favor of studio work in July--things like getting my Tennessee driver's license after a year of living here--quick before the Massachusetts one expires on my birthday--Friday! Ah, procrastination.

Fun workshops coming this fall--I'll post them all soon. Meanwhile, consider joining us for ongoing second Monday Indpendent Study classes--$10/session, $30/4 sessions. You bring your project, I provide moral support and guidance when necessary. Please let me know a week ahead if you plan to come. Class size 1-6 students.


rubiemae said...

I looked on their website for wholesale info and it says that they don't have a wholesale program yet. How can I buy it wholesale?

Cindi said...

Hi, Rubie. Try going here:

and look at the information under "wholesale." It answers a few questions and gives contact information for the wholesale program.

The wholesale program is limited to certain colors of their Norwegian C-1 batt, but I hope they will include my favorite, the merino roving, sometime in the future.