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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm on TV!

I joined Morgan King in the studio of Johnson City (TN) channel 11's Daytime Tri-Cities today this morning and had a great time. I met P. Buckley Moss, savored some exquisite truffles from Jan Charles the Thrillbilly Gourmet, listened to the dulcet tones of a barbershop quartet from Appalachian Express (they couldn't have chosen a better song), and gave an interview re: my artwork.

It was good fun, particularly since Morgan gave himself a chocolate handlebar mustache partway through the show (after he had touched the quilts, thankfully!). Everyone was very friendly and helpful and next time I'll remember not to turn completely sideways!   :-)   Oops, there I go being sideways again!   :-)   Dang--did it again!

Sushi with a friend for lunch afterwards, and looking forward to collaborating on a piece with P. Buckley Moss, and then doing a little more quilting on the piece I'm working on topped off this fabulous day


BJ said...

How fun! What a great interview! Enjoyed seeing your work too.

purple glasses club said...

Great interview, Cindi! Loved being able to see your work in this medium.It was great to have a glimpse at some of your newer work.