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Monday, October 12, 2009

Life is good in MD . . .

Recently I stayed in Kensington, MD, for two-and-a-half delightful days at Chez Colladay. My hostess, Coralyn, was delightful, insightful, and plain spoken, a wonderful combination.

The first evening I had dinner with Coralyn, two Nancys, a Linda, and a Jane, all from the Friendship Star Quilters, and I learned about quilters' bingo and what a different world D.C. is from anywhere else I've ever lived (Kansas City, Mo; Mulvane, KS; Friendsville, PA; Newark, DE; Pittsburgh, PA; Amherst and Belchertown, MA; Kingsport, TN). For example, did you know the CIA has a quilt guild? The Undercover Quilters! Seriously! How good is that? Man, and now their cover is blown and they'll have to change their name!

Also enjoyed talking policy and reform over the course of the weekend with a number of highly qualified women in the know. What a stimulating environment!

Anyhow, Sunday Oct. 4 I taught a one-day version of my "Sculpting with the Quilting Stitch" class for the Friendship Star Quilters. The students were highly engaged and not afraid to experiment, both necessary for a process-oriented class. I had a great time and got some wonderful feedback from the group.

The next evening I lectured at their meeting and despite the potential for disaster that seemed to lurk around every kink we worked out, all turned out well in the end due in great part to my new best (and highly competent) friend Nick, his mom, my Balkan singing voice (to compensate for no mike), and cues from Coralyn when I let my volume dip below a bellow.

I'd like to thank everyone I met in MD for good food and a good time. And a special thanks to Coralyn and Carol for enabling me--glad I could return the favor. I'd also like to recommend the beautiful new BlackRock Center for the Arts, itself a work of art. The glass exhibit there is lovely--wish I lived closer!

A well-timed reminder from Coralyn: Well-behaved women don't make history!

And from me: Muslin is cheap; batting scraps are free! Experiment! Play!


Linda said...

and....a big thank YOU for an informative class and lecture. As a result of your class, I've been auditioning my quilting before messing up the piece. What fun!

Cindi said...

I'm so glad Linda--it was such a pleasure meeting you!