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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Down to the Wire

After the Storm II

Working like a maniac to all hours to finish this in time to have it framed to hang next Thursday. Not time for a long post, but thought I'd keep documenting the process.

Have created "speed nuno" for the trees (on silk) and bushes (on kona cotton). There'll be more dark bushes in front of the trees on the right as well, but haven't cut the felt yet. Also, field'll be a little less tilted (but only a little).

Had originally planned a straight edge for the field (my traditional roots are showing) but found the curved edge evoked the sense of motion I needed. I passed several fields like this in the Midwest last summer and snapped one photo from the window of the car to remind me I wanted to make this.

This work isn't based on the photo per se, but rather is a melange of memorable images.

The whole thing will be constructed on canvas wrapped stretcher bars and framed.

Later . . .

Final composition more or less, but the angle of the field is just a tad too flat. Pay no attention to the white bit--it's the paper placeholder for the field, not actually part of the quilt.


Casey said...

Looking the perspective and the color combo. Thanks for sharing the process.

Cindi said...

Sorry it took me so long to post this, Casey--my e-mail filled up when I wasn't paying attention so I didn't get the notification.

Was a little worried that the fuscia in the sky fabric would be too lurid, but really gives the feeling I was going for.

Check out the new post to see how it turned out in the end. I'll have a better photo and some details up on my website sometime next week.